Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals.

Unlike other credit card processors, Allied Merchant Capital offers your business valuable and unique services in addition to accepting credit cards from your customers.

By signing up with Allied Merchant Capital we can offer your business working capital through future Visa/Mastercard sales, and marketing programs which eliminate any advertising risk since commissions are only paid when we send you customers.

Through our business cash advance program, Allied Merchant Capital allows businesses to receive money against their future Visa/Mastercard sales. Whereas banks typically decline most small business requests for a loan or line of credit, Allied Merchant Capital is able to offer its customers a 90% approval rate with funds typically available in 7 days or less.

Allied Merchant Capital is currently the #1 provider of working capital against a business' future Visa/Mastercard processing sales in the entire country. Unlike most banks or credit card processors, with Allied Merchant Capital, you can cut through the "red tape" compared to dealing with the typical "24/7 Call Center" at other companies when you need to reach someone.

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